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Gespe’GEWA’gi Mi’gmaq are entering the information technology business (IT)

Partnership with PLC Info from New Brunswick

  • The new Information Technology company resulting from the partnership will serve markets in the Atlantic provinces, Gaspésie and elsewhere in Quebec.

  • The Mi’gmaq now holds a key stake in PLC Info Inc. The new limited partnership is the second major project after the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n Wind Farm created through Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation (MMBC), the economic development arm of the Mi’gmaq of Gespe’gewa’gi.

  • PLC Info is a growing company based in Eel River and Bathurst, New Brunswick, that offers businesses a full range of IT services.

  • The partnership between the Mi’gmaq and PLC Info Inc. will allow the new company to expand its market, particularly indigenous markets, and the Mi’gmaq to create employment opportunities for members of their three communities—Listuguj, Gesgapegiag and Gespeg. It is also a new source of revenue that will contribute to the economic independence of the Mi’gmaq.

Gesgapegiag, April 25, 2023—Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation (MMBC), the economic development arm of the three Mi’gmaq communities of Gaspésie, in partnership with PLC Info Inc., a growing information technology company, is creating a new entity, PLC Info Limited Partnership.

The partnership unites Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Resources Limited Partnership—an investment vehicle created by the Mi’gmaq of Gesgapegiag, the Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government, and the Nation Micmac de Gespeg—with PLC Info Inc. This transaction was concluded after several months of work and discussions to set up a new company that would benefit from the strengths and advantages of each of the partners.

“This investment by our three communities in the economic development of our region is the second in a series of joint investments to come for the Mi’gmaq of Gespe’gewa’gi. After the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n wind farm, we are very happy to enter the field of technology and knowledge. PLC Info Inc. is a partner of choice for us,” explains MMBC CEO, Frédéric Vicaire. “In full growth, with well-established indigenous and non-indigenous clientele and the desire to integrate Mi’gmaq workers into the company, there is no doubt this is a winning partnership for us. In addition to new job opportunities, this transaction will allow us to develop mi’gmaw expertise in IT. Of course, the new company adds to the potential revenue streams that contribute to the economic independence of our communities.”

“When the MMBC team approached us, we were immediately pleased with the opportunity to grow our customer base using MMBC’s vast network,” adds Pascal Labrecque, co-founder and owner of PLC Info Inc. “Over the past three years, we have experienced tremendous growth, and this new partnership will allow us to go even further. We want to serve businesses in the Gaspé Peninsula and elsewhere in Quebec. We will support this growth by adding new employees, particularly from the emerging indigenous labour pool that is ready to work quickly. We already have many indigenous businesses among our clients. Today’s announcement reinforces the bond we have developed with First Nations over the years.”

About Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation

Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Business Corporation (MMBC) is an organization created by the three Mi’gmaq communities in the Gespe’gewa’gi territory, namely Gesgapegiag, Gespeg and Listuguj. MMBC is the economic arm of the Mi’gmaq. Its mission is to generate wealth for members of its communities by implementing projects and creating businesses in sustainable natural resource development and the service and knowledge sectors. Through investments, acquisitions, partnerships, and various businesses, MMBC aims to improve the economic and employment security of the Mi’gmaq of Gespe’gewa’gi. For more information, see

About PLC Info Inc.

PLC Info is an Information Technology company based in northern New Brunswick. It offers complete IT solutions for businesses and quickly became a reference in the field. PLC Info’s services answer all business IT needs ranging from IT environment analysis, design, and installation of complete networks (wired and wireless), cybersecurity, programming and databases, hardware and software needs, point-of-sale solutions, structured cabling, telecommunication solutions and more. PLC Info also offers personalized coaching and support to help companies with managing and improve their systems.

At PLC Info, we believe it is essential to acquire an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs to implement the technological solutions that best meet their needs. For more information, see


MMBC Kammy Vicaire Communications Manager 418 759-3070

PLC Info Inc.

Pascal Labrecque CEO and co-founder

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